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Getting Ready For School
ChickaChicka Boom Boom; Bill Martin & John Archambault; 1989; ages 4 to 8; fiction. An engaging alphabet book to get children excited about early learning.
School Bus; Donald Crews; 1993; ages 3 to 8; fiction. A book that takes the mystery out of getting to school and then returning home.
Kindergarten Rocks; Katie Davis; 2005; ages 3 to 8; fiction. Fictional story about Dexter and his big sister Jessie who helps him prepare for the first day of school.
Otto Goes to School; Todd Parr; 2005; ages 3 to 8; fiction. Children can learn a lesson about appropriate kindergarten behavior through Otto the dog.
Froggy Goes to School; Jonathan London; 1998; ages 3 to 8; fiction. Froggy finds himself with first-day-of-kindergarten jitters and his trials will help alleviate young children's fears.
How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?; Jane Yolen & Mark Teague; 2007; ages 3 to 8; fiction. This story is meant to help children figure out the difference between good and bad school behavior with emphasis on positive behaviors.
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse; Kevin Henkes; 1996; ages 4 to 8 years; fiction. Lilly the mouse learns what behaviors are expected in the classroom through her teacher.
Countdown to Kindergarten; Alison McGhee; 2002; ages 3 to 8; fiction. Helps children understand that everyone has a lot to learn when starting school.
Look! I Can Read!; Susan Hood; 2000; ages 3 to 8; fiction. Story that offers a simple celebration of reading.
The Dot; Peter Reynolds; 2003; ages 4 to 8; fiction. Paints a portrait of the impact that teachers have in helping children make their mark.
My Teacher for President; Kay Winters; 2004; ages 4 to 8; fiction. Charming book that helps illustrate the kind of respect we would like all children to have for teachers.
I Hate Rules! #5 - Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo; Nancy Krulik; 2003; ages 6 to 12; fiction. Story that illustrates the importance of school rules and listening to someone other than parents.
Adapted from Laura Jana Contemporary Pediatrics Vol. 24, No. 9; September 2007
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