About Us

All Star Pediatrics was founded by Dr. Dyer in January, 2002, on the principle that high quality health care delivery begins with personalized attention. After having practiced with a large group for nearly eight years, he came to realize that the greatest satisfaction in practicing medicine came from delivering care in an independent, small office setting with an experienced, stable staff who shared his dedication to children. Fortunately, our enthusiasm for our work is shared by our patients, who through word of mouth have helped the practice grow rapidly over the many years.

In July of 2002, Dr. Duncheskie joined All Star as our second physician after his work at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. In July 2003, we welcomed Jill Schwartz, DNP, CPNP, IBCLC. Jill brought 10 years of pediatric and adolescent medicine experience to All Star Pediatrics. In August 2006, Dr. Melnychuk joined our team from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia after completing her residency training. In the summer of 2008, Dr. Kathryn Italia became the next All Star after completing her training at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE. In the fall of 2009, All Star Pediatrics welcomed the addition of Dr. Aaron Chambers to the staff after working at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for 2 years. Ms. Judy Nagy, CRNP joined us in the fall of 2013. In August of 2016, Dr. Avani S. Mehta joined All Star after her years of work in the Emergency Room at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children.  Finally, in the summer of 2018, Dr Alissa Cerny joined All Star after completing her residency at Johns Hopkins Children's Center

Over the years as we have grown, the office has been redesigned with the goal of offering a warm and comfortable environment for our patients and their families at their "medical home." The summer of 2008 brought a new level of technology to All Star Pediatrics with the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record - a computerized chart for each patient! The electronic record allows for more accurate record keeping, updated immunization tracking, improved patient safety, and much more! The web portal has enhanced each family's access to many parts of their child's medical record and has also enhanced communication with the office staff for medications, referrals, forms, and appointment scheduling.

Our philosophy of medicine is best described as conservative and academic. Having all trained and taught at top notch teaching institutions, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of pediatric medicine and educating ourselves and each other as advances are made. Our ties to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and The A.I. DuPont Hospital are strong, and our questions are just a phone call away from the country's leading experts in many fields. We are not typically "testers" - blood work, x-ray studies, and the like are obtained only when they will yield useful information and change a particular treatment course. We are excellent clinicians -- we focus on histories and physical exams to guide our treatment courses, rather than ordering multiple tests and labs to confirm our suspicions. We are also strong believers in the judicious and appropriate use of antibiotics, and would be delighted to speak with you about whether or not a particular ear or sinus infection needs an antibiotic. We do not treat simple colds with antibiotics and do not call in antibiotics over the phone for patients we have not seen. We are all firm believers in immunizations for all children and will be happy to discuss all the benefits of vaccines. Those refusing vaccination for their children after our discussion are usually asked to find another practice who shares their belief.

We enjoy our work and our roles in helping your children grow up to be healthy and unique individuals. We listen to what you and your children have to say. Though the office gets busy at times, you should never feel that you are rushed through a visit or that your questions are not completely answered. We pride ourselves on providing personalized care and really knowing our patients and their families as individuals, and for being there for you when you need us.

We look forward to working with you and your family.


Bradley J. Dyer, MD                                    Robert C. Duncheskie, MD                                Alissa Cerny, MD                        
Jennifer Melnychuk, MD                              Kathryn Italia, MD                                              Jill Schwartz, DNP, CPNP, IBCLC 
Aaron Chambers, MD                                 Avani S. Mehta, MD                                           Judy Nagy, CRNP

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