In Memory

Sheila Connolly worked at All Star Pediatrics for more than 10 years.

The All Star Family is blessed that Sheila worked with so many of our families over the years. She was a skilled, nurturing, loving, dedicated and intelligent nurse that touched the lives of parents and patients at All Star.

Sheila was a graduate of St Hubert’s High School in Philadelphia and of Roxborough Memorial Hospital School of Nursing.

For all who ever knew her, Sheila was a wonderful, warm, compassionate and very funny person with a heart of gold. Once you met Sheila, you had a friend for life. The “Sheila Standard” as we liked to call it is that she would do anything for anyone at any time without question. And if you ever did the littlest kindness for Sheila, she would thank you for years to come. As compassionate as she was about family, friends, co-workers and patients, Sheila was one of the hardest working people we have ever had the privilege of working with. She demonstrated this even until her last days at All Star. Sheila is a person and nurse for the ages, and will always remain one of the strong fibers and bright colors in the fabric that is the All Star family. Sheila’s smile and spirit will forever live at All Star Pediatrics.

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