Families that call the office for any medical question related to their child will be directed to one of our phone triage nurses.

Upon review of your concern and in light of your child’s symptoms, it may be deemed that neither a sick visit nor a well check visit would be appropriate to address the particular scope of the overall concern. In this situation a consult appointment will be made, which is a longer appointment where the family and provider can focus in-depth on one particular concern and develop a plan for the child and family.

For example, consult appointments may focus on nutritional concerns, abdominal pain, delays in development, constipation, sleep challenges, ADHD, headaches, anxiety, and other complex concerns.

As part of our medical home philosophy and our commitment to continuity of care, we will do everything we can to schedule your child’s appointment with his or her primary provider. Consult appointments are often scheduled weeks in advance.

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