Acute Illness

Who's Sick Today?
; Lynne Cherry; 1998; ages 2 to 5; fiction. A delightful book using rhymes for various animals to describe the universal experience of acute illness.

I Wish I Was Sick Too
; Franz Brandenberg; 1990; ages 3 to 6; nonfiction. A picture book about the special attention that may be needed by siblings of children who have acute illnesses.

Anna's Special Present
; Yoriko Tsutsui; out of print; ages 3 to 6; fiction. An older sibling's protectiveness and other feelings about her sister who goes to the hospital and requires surgery.

When Vera Was Sick
; Vera Rosenberry; 1998; ages 3 to 6; nonfiction. The book describes the nurturing, the frustration of acute illness, and the joy of recovery of a Hispanic child who becomes acutely ill. Beautiful illustrations.

When Molly Was In The Hospital
; Debbie Duncan; 1994; ages 4 to 8; fiction. A child describes her feelings when her younger sister needs surgery. Acknowledges the complex feelings of concern and jealousy when illness consumes a family.

Adapted from:

Ellen C. Perrin, MD Susan Starr, MEd Addressing Common Pediatric Concerns Through Children's Books. Pediatrics in Review. 2000;21:130-138. © 2000

American Academy of Pediatrics

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