Depression and Mental Illness

The Face at the Window; Regina Hanson; 1997; ages 6 to 10; fiction. With beautiful illustrations of contemporary Jamaica, a reassuring story about the rift mental illness can impose between people.

The Bear's House; Marilyn Sachs; 1996; ages 8 to 12; fiction. A sensitive story that describes a young girl struggling to stay on top in a world of bullies, poverty, and a mentally ill mom.

My Sister Then and Now; Virginia L. Kroll; 1992; ages 8 to 12; fiction. One of the few fiction books about serious mental illness for young children.

From Darkness To Light; Landsman; 1994; ages 12 to 16; nonfiction. Essays written by teenagers about various concerns, including depression, physical illness, and disabilities.

Ups And Downs; Susan Klebanoff and Ellen Luboversusky; 1998; ages 13 to adult; nonfiction. A straightforward book for teenagers about recognizing and managing depression in themselves and their friends; includes many resources and suggestions.

A Slant of Sun; Beth Kephart; 1998; adults; fiction. Intimate and hopeful memoir of the author's experience raising a child who has pervasive developmental disorder.

A Parent's Guide for Suicidal and Depressed Teens; Kate Williams; 1995; adults; nonfiction. A well-written, sensitive book about recognizing and acting on early signs of trouble.

Adapted from: Ellen C. Perrin, MD Susan Starr, MEd Addressing Common Pediatric Concerns Through Children's Books. Pediatrics in Review. 2000;21:130-138. Copyright © 2000 American Academy of Pediatrics

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