Lilly's Secret; Miko Imai; 1994; ages 3 to 5; fiction. Two cats, embarrassed by their minor physical deformities, discover that their friendship transcends these differences.

Someone Special, Just Like You; Tricia Brown; 1984; ages 4 to 6; nonfiction. Photographs of children playing, some of whom have obvious disabilities. Highlights commonalities among children.

Different and Alike; Nancy McConnell; 1988; out of print; ages 5 to 10; nonfiction. A book about children who have physical handicaps or are mentally retarded, deaf, or blind. Basic information about a wide range of disabilities and illnesses; emphasizes similarities rather than differences among people.

The View From Saturday; E. L. Konigsburg; 1998; ages 10 to 14; fiction. A delightful story of a teacher in a wheelchair and four students who are working together toward a goal.

From Darkness To Light; Julie Landsman; 1994; ages 13 to adult; nonfiction. Essays written by teenagers about various concerns, including depression, physical illness, and disabilities.

The Acorn People; Ron Jones; 1992; ages 13 to 16; nonfiction. A straightforward and touching description of children who have mobility impairments, focusing on their humor and courage.

The Crazy Horse Electric Game; Chris Crutcher; 1991; ages 13 to adult; fiction. A poignant book about a 16-year-old athlete who becomes disabled after a serious accident.

Uncommon Fathers; Donald J. Meyer (editor); 1995; ages 12 to adult; nonfiction. Moving and wise essays by fathers about their children who have disabilities and how they and their families learned to cope with them.
From the Heart; Martha Grady and Jayne D. B. Marsh; 1995; adults; nonfiction. Essays by mothers describing their perspectives on raising children who have various disabilities.

Raising a Child With a Physical Disability; Donna G. Albrecht; 1995; adults; nonfiction. A guidebook of problems and solutions. Dry reading, but full of good advice and resource lists.

Adapted from: Ellen C. Perrin, MD Susan Starr, MEd Addressing Common Pediatric Concerns Through Children's Books. Pediatrics in Review. 2000;21:130-138. © 2000 American Academy of Pediatrics

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