Internet Resources

The following is a list of websites that we hope will be helpful for both you and your children:

The AAP website is a great resource for information on various aspects of child health including immunizations and safety/injury prevention (including car seats, product recalls), as well as lots of family education information.
The Healthy Children website is an interactive, customized site designed for families, providing content that is consistent with American Academy of Pediatrics policies and guidelines. The AAP sponsored expert information on more than 300 health care topics from parenting books, patient education materials, and fact sheets. The site includes easy-to-use search capabilities by keyword, topic, age, or gender.
The Baby Sleep website is an excellent resource for all parents. Sleep challenges are a normal part of a child's infancy and childhood. Learning how to promote healthy sleep habits is a daily occurrence. This website answers numerous questions regarding nightmares, melatonin usage, co-sleeping, and many more important topics. Get your child on the right path today for sleep by reviewing the information enclosed. Happy Sleeping – to the children and parents at All Star Pediatrics.
The CDC website is another excellent source of information regarding immunizations. One of the other highlights of this website includes a special "travel" section which outlines updated travel alerts and recommended immunizations/medications for visits outside the United States (Example: "Should my teenager receive the Hepatitis A vaccine if we are traveling to Southeast Asia?")
The official website of DuPont includes a physician directory, an interactive site for both parents and children entitled "KidsHealth", and much more.
The official website of CHOP includes a physician directory, an immunization information section, and much more.
For many families at All Star Pediatrics and across the country, food allergies are a daily reality for children. Everyday, many children are diagnosed with food allergies - this impacts the child, as well as the entire family. Kids With Food Allergies is an excellent website for parents to learn about food allergies, school requirements, parent support groups, popular new recipes and much more!    
The CPSC website is a current and up-to-date resource of recalled childhood and family products.
First Signs is an excellent website which provides an extensive review for the signs and symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. This site provides families with numerous screening resources and many other reliable educational links, including information about services for children with Autism spectrum disorders.
The NECTAC website locates state, regional, and local early intervention programs under the individuals with Disabilities Education Act, as well as testing services for young children with suspected or known disabilities.
The Poison Control website offers important emergency information for families.
The "My Plate" website is sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture and includes the most updated Dietary Guidelines for our families (2010). is an interactive website that reflects the new nutritional recommendations and healthy eating tips for children of all ages. MyPlate contains many helpful suggestions regarding healthy foods, exercise initiatives, healthy eating on a family budget, nutritional education tips, and specific dietary guidelines for children! Eat well and exercise!
The AMA website includes information for patients and parents on various health topics. Take a look at the useful medical resource center.
The official website of the school psychology program at the Massachusetts General Hospital is an excellent resource for any of our families with questions regarding the diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and many other mental health disorders in children and adolescents. The website includes information for the diagnosis of many common childhood mental health challenges, as well as, information regarding psychological/medical interventions, home based modifications, school based modifications and much more!

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