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Vape and Juul users may be exposed to toxic metals


Metallic coils that heat e-cigarette liquid may be transferring toxic metals to the aerosol inhaled by smokers, according to a recent study in the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives.
“Our findings indicate that e-cigarettes are a potential source of exposure to toxic metals (chromium, nickel and lead), and to metals that are toxic when inhaled (manganese and zinc),” the authors wrote.
Metal exposure is associated with severe health effects. For example, lead exposure can result in neurotoxicity and cardiovascular disease, and chromium exposure can lead to respiratory disease and lung cancer.
Several studies have found toxic metals in e-liquid and e-cigarette aerosol, but they focused on earlier devices. Since newer devices can be customized by users, the authors of this study measured toxic metals produced by tank-style devices used by 56 daily e-cigarette smokers.
Participants brought their device and refilling dispenser to the lab. Samples were collected from the dispenser before the liquid was heated, from the e-liquid remaining in the mouthpiece tank after it was heated and the aerosol. Each sample was analyzed for 15 metals.
Results showed median concentrations of most metals were higher in samples from tanks and aerosol compared to dispensers, which had no contact with metal coils. “These findings support the hypothesis that metals are transferred from the device (most likely the coil) to the e-liquid and from the e-liquid to the aerosol that is inhaled by the user,” researchers wrote. They noted that many samples contained metal concentrations that exceed safe inhalation limits set by federal agencies. Children who are exposed to secondhand aerosol that contains lead also is concerning.
Talk to your teenagers and young adults – e-cigarette use/vaping/juuling is the current epidemic and IT IS NOT SAFE. The bigger question is whether these young vapers will be at a higher RISK FOR CANCER someday just because they wanted to blow a pretty ring of smoke!!!

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