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Is it Time for Your Well Check?

Dear All Star Families,

Spring is finally here! In addition to warmer weather and outdoor fun, for us that means that our busy season of Summer Well Checks begins – college physicals, sports physicals, preschool physicals, camp physicals, school physicals.

The Well Check is an important part of your child’s ongoing care at All Star Pediatrics.

Annual checkups begin at 3 years of age. In addition to performing physical exams at these appointments, we review and monitor growth and nutrition, developmental milestones, school performance, sleep patterns, safety issues, vaccine education and so much more. We also attempt to answer as many questions as possible during the time scheduled for these visits. We are always able to complete school forms, camp forms, and daycare forms.

As a reminder, due to time constraints and insurance provisions, new medical problems and chronic care concerns may not be able to be addressed during the time allotted for the Well Check and will require a separate appointment. For your convenience, these appointments may often be scheduled at the same time as the well check, but in order to provide enough time for the well check as well as the additional concerns, we need to know in advance that you plan to discuss these things at the time of the visit.
Headaches, anxiety, abdominal pain, possible new ADD, back pain, and depression are some of the many examples of concerns often brought to the Well Check. These problems warrant their own focus and cannot be adequately addressed effectively and completely during time scheduled for the routine visit – these concerns are better addressed during a visit scheduled specifically for that purpose.

When you are scheduling your Well Check, please let our staff know if you have any additional concerns about your child that you wish to discuss at that visit. This will help us allow enough time to discuss all of your concerns as well as keep us on time for other patients’ visits!

Thank you for your understanding. We are excited to see you in the busy months to come!

The Providers at All Star Pediatrics
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