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A Big Thank You!


Happy New Year’s Eve 2018. Enjoy this special time with your children and your family.


From the beginning of time, many people have been influenced and inspired by the great leaders that have shaped lives, led by example, and gave so much of themselves. On this special day, we celebrate Dr Bradley J Dyer – the greatest pediatrician in the world!


Dr Dyer always had a dream. He wanted to create a pediatric practice that was special. He envisioned an office and staff that would “provide academic, cutting edge pediatric medicine in a warm, caring environment.” He worked tirelessly to make his dream a reality. On January 1, 2002, All Star Pediatrics was born!


For 17 years, Dr Dyer has been the leader of All Star Pediatrics. He has mentored and molded physicians. He has educated and taught nurses, medical students and high school students. He has been a soft and gentle inspiration for the staff. He has guided the office in its growth. He was not just your boss, he was your friend. A handshake and hug meant everything. He cared for every staff member as if they were his own family. The examples of his love and generosity go way beyond what can be expressed in this tribute.


Dr Dyer has cared for thousands and thousands and thousands of patients during his amazing years at All Star. He always reminded the staff to go above and beyond for the children and their families. He has touched patient lives and saved patient lives. He helped babies in the delivery room and then shook their hand as they went off to college. He has cried with families and he has laughed with families. He has played on the floor with the patients. He has given out millions of stickers. He has inspired tired newborn families that the days will get better. He has guided families of toddlers to appreciate the tantrums and the sleepless nights. He has offered hope to families of teenagers that strong adults will be possible with persistent positive parenting. Family stories of experiences with Brad and how he cared for their children and touched their lives will long echo in the walls of All Star and throughout the entire community. If Brad was your physician, you were the luckiest patient in the world!


As the calendar turns to 2019, Dr Dyer’s leadership role will change at All Star Pediatrics. After 17 amazing and inspiring years, Dr Bradley J. Dyer will now comfortably move into his new part-time role. At this time, the staff of All Star Pediatrics would like to thank Brad for creating the most wonderful pediatric practice on earth! All Star will continue to flourish and thrive based on the ideals of hard work, compassion, and love that he has so exemplified each and every day.


Brad, we promise to care for each family the way you did – one child at a time and knowing that “every child is a star.”


Dr Dyer, we love you and we thank you.




The Staff of All Star Pediatrics



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