After Hours

All Star Pediatrics is available to our families each and every day of the year.

When the office is closed after hours and a family has an urgent medical issue that is not an emergency, the physician on call is available for advice and guidance. To page the physician, families are asked to call the main office number at (610) 363-1330 and select option 1.

A family can then leave a call back number for the physician on call. If you do not receive a call back in 30 minutes, please try the paging procedure again.

Remember we have office hours on Saturday mornings! If you believe your child needs to be seen on a Sunday, please page the All Star Pediatrics physician in the morning, as we often arrange to see patients that morning with urgent medical concerns if needed.

During weekday hours, it is always best to call early in the morning for improved access to the appointment that best fits your schedule, as well as an appointment with your preferred provider.

We encourage families to always call us first before heading to the urgent care or the emergency room. Remember, the best care is in your child’s medical home – All Star Pediatrics!

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